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A Certified Computer Education Center Approved By AICTE, GOVT OF INDIA. AN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our certificate is verified in every job and IT sector.

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Computer Education to all classes of people in a very reasonable fee structure. National Computer Education Board and the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology also offer a reasonable fee structure for financially weaker sections that cannot afford the same. National Computer Education Board and National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology regularly organized workshops, seminars, conventions, and Technical for the benefit of IT professionals and IT users apart from continuing education and professional development programs for a focused audience of budding professional researchers and students. The annual conventions are held in Different cities across India. National Computer Education Board also extends funding support for computer research projects and funds visits of researchers presenting papers at national conferences. The activities conducted for the students associated with the society include sectors meeting, seminars, conferences, training programs, programming controls, and practical visits to installation.

About Learn Gyan

Learn Gyan Coding And IT Institute - Best Coding Institute In Kolkata, A Certified Computer Education Center Approved By AICTE, GOVT OF INDIA.Goverment Project Digital Skill India."A" level "O"level & "CCC"Exam Preparation. School Course I to xII (All Board) Free Basic Computer Training Class V to IX
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A Trusted Name To Student Over 8 Years For Quality Computer teaching exprence.

I am Suva, a full stack web developer and a trainer. With my 6 years of IT experience, me and my team try our best to introduce students to the latest technology.

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Brilliantly it will be your decision to make a difference between the institutions of other kind and like us as of quality education assumed and as we are certified as quality research education organisations and AN ISO 9001:2015 certified Computer Education Board.